Q. How do I print the calendars?

You can print all calendars on printcal.net directly from your browser menu. From the File menu select Print or Print Preview, try the calendar layout in both portrait and landscape, and then print whichever you like better.

Q. The print page contains extra information on the top and bottom. How to remove those?

The extra information comes from header and footer data passed by the browser to your printer. To remove, select Page Setup and set the header and footer field to blank. On Chrome browser, headers and footers can be deselected in print options.

Q. Can I download or save the calendars for printing later?

Yes. On Chrome browser, change the destination to 'Save as PDF' from the print menu. The calendar will be saved as a pdf file in your computer. For other browsers, you can install virtual print software like PDFCreator or CutePDF and then select it from the list of printers to save the calendars in pdf format.

Some calendars also have a image listed on the calendar page. You can right click on the image and select 'Save as' to download it to your computer.

Q. I have a calendar idea. Will you feature it on your website?

Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome. However, we make no promise to incorporate them into our website.

Q. Do you have a paid subscription with larger templates to choose from or with more customization features?

No. We could look into it if there's demand for it.

Q. How do I contact Printcal.net?

Use this contact form.

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