Simple Calendar Widget

This is a simple and easy to implement online calendar widget for your website or blog. Simply copy the following html snippet and paste it on your web page. If you own a blog, you can embed the widget code by adding a html widget in your blog template.

<a href=""><img src="" alt=" Calendar Widget"/></a>

The size parameter can be set to s, m or l for small- (155px wide), medium- (295px wide) and large-sized (442px wide) calendar. The w parameter is for setting the first day of the week; s for Sunday and m for Monday. The output is a image file and you may customize it any way using css styles.

You can test the url parameters here.

Here's how a small sized calendar will look like on your website. This calendar is generated by embedding the code shown above without any modifications. Calendar Widget

The eternal calendar widget will update itself everyday to highlight the current day and is absolutely free to use. Note, however, that the calendar follows GMT time; So it will be ahead/ behind few hours depending on your time zone.

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